Jusitice Denied !!

Jusitice Denied !!

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Michelle Ross started this petition to Justice Denied !!

My name is Michelle & I’m from Red Deer. I’m requesting the help & support of this site to have someone held accountable for their Wrongful & Criminal Action’s they filed against me & a Law Enforcement Dept that’s helped protect him from any type of wrongdoing & accountability because he’s a former Prison Guard with twin boys who are now RCMP Officer’s employed in my City of residence. This Police Dept has denied & discriminated against my Civil & Constitutional Rights to be treated fairly & as an equal, until it was proven in a Court of Law that I was found Guilty. 

 I’m only trying to obtain the Right’s that I should be entitled to by the Canadian Law Standards set, in my Province. I was denied my right to be heard, or to defend myself of what they tried to accuse & Charge me with, but those Rights were denied to me & this is what I’m trying to correct & fight for. 
I had a relationship with an abusive & toxic man that has been diagnosed with Mental Problems, previous abusive relationships that have come forward with their history with him. I left him in 2016 after he physically assaulted me & got off with only a 9-month Peace Bond that he Violated on numerous occasions by block calling me & other things, but the cops here did nothing to him & never even questioned him about any of the complaints I filed against him.

This is yr’s of problems & complaints that go nowhere & a man who continues to cause problems & terrorize my life. This man cheated on me from day 1 & then cheated on his present gf by denying her to me & trying to coax me back to him, he’s a great liar & manipulator so it worked a few time’s. It would never last long because he tells so many lies that he could never keep his stories straight & when I would confront him on it, he would fire back by filing false Police Reports against me, in attempts to get me to back off. 

I’ve been threatened by certain Officers who tried to push their Authority on me with threats of Intimidation or Demeaning comment’s. I got to the point I gave up filing complaints because they either get ignored, denied or they don’t take me seriously & nothing is ever done. I’m just fed up & frustrated that I’m still having to go thru this trouble with a man that has conned, manipulated & played the RCMP into thinking he’s a victim of the very things he’s guilty of doing to me. My life being destroyed by a very sick man that is unpredictable & dangerous. The Law doesn’t protect or keep him from doing what he does to me & the Law Enforcement designed to Protect women like me have failed & are protecting him. 

Brian filed a Criminal Harassment or Uttering Threats Charge against me on April 7, 2016. We were in a phone argument because he lied he had a gf. I told him I was going to find her & let her know he was contacting me & posting online dating profiles claiming to be single when I knew he wasn’t. He was Harassing me with nonstop texts, so I filed a Harassment Complaint against him as well.  

I have that file # & info related to my Complaint. I have discrepancies with the date I called in which I know was either the 3 or 4 of April 2016, but RCMP Dispatch has told me conflicting thing’s. In roughly Oct 2019 I was told there was no history of the date I called in, only the date the Officer showed up in my home to take my Statement which was on the 13th of April. In Oct 26 2020 I’m told that my call complaint was on the April 13, 2016 & she had the name of the Officer in Charge which was confusing because I was told by an RCMP Officer who called me back in around Oct 2019 that the Officer I spoke to during that visit of him coming to my home & taken my Statement was no longer employed with the Red Deer RCMP & that he didn’t know his contact info. I mentioned this to the lady from the Red Deer RCMP Dispatch, & she stated that she has the info in front of her & that she could have him call me on Friday the 30th of Oct when he arrived back to work on that day. I said “YES” I would like to speak to him but I never heard back from this Cst on the day he was supposed to call me. I don’t know if my questions of confusion or the conflicting stories I’m being told prompted her to end her call to me, with the statement that she didn’t want to implicate herself in saying something that could get her in trouble. Strange comment to make if what she was saying was valid. I recorded that conversation for my records. 

That Charge against me was never brought to my attention or Served on me either by the RD RCMP or the Courthouse in RD. I had no idea about it until Nov 29, 2018 when that Charge was being Enforced against me & the RD Courthouse was trying to get me to accept a Guilty Plea to a Charge, I had no clue about until that very day. I recorded that whole conversation with the Nanaimo Crowns Office in BC where I relocated to get away from Brian. That Charge was trying to be Waived to BC in hopes I would accept it, but I didn’t & it was returned back to AB. RCMP later tried to deny this Charge to me, saying that it wasn’t an actual valid Charge against me because I filed a Complaint against that Police Dept. 

I was asked to speak with an assigned Sgt handling my complaint. He tried saying I was under Investigation & not Charged. I asked Charged for what? Provide evidence or fact’s that this Police Dept had grounds to put me under Investigation when I filed a Complaint as well against Brian for the exact same thing so anything filed should have been Investigated because it should have conflicted with the Statement I had filed against Brian. This Sgt had stated that there was no history of the call of my Complaint that he could see. I provided a copy of the audio & a copy of the Waive that didn’t have that Charge listed on there. If it wasn’t an actual or valid charge against me, then why was it being sent to BC where I was being asked to accept a Guilty Plea to an outstanding charge dated back to April 7, 2016.  I never received an answer or reply to that question or the copy of the Waive of Charge Form & the audio recording I submitted him by email. To date I’ve not heard a thing & that was last yr. Anytime I try to mention it in Complaints or the Appeal I filed against the RCMP it gets overlooked, ignored or no comment is made.  

I was then told of a Warrant that was issued for my arrest for failing to appear in Court on Oct 3, 2018. I figured it was related to the 2016 Charge because I found out about this Warrant from another area when I was looking into info about that first charge. I was never served or told about this Warrant that was sent to Crown on Sept 22, 2018. I was denied any info related to it because they stated I needed to be present to verify who I was, so no info was released to me. I believe it was to get me to come in so that I could be arrested on spot.  
I came back to AB in April 2019 to clear this mess up & because I was being harassed by the RD Courthouse to address the Warrant. I hired a Lawyer to have that Warrant lifted, & was told about a second Criminal Charge that was filed against me on July 30, 2018. 

I had a Court Date scheduled for Aug 6, 2019 so that I could have these Charges Withdrawn which was an all-day process but I got them Withdrawn abiding a 2 yr Peace Bond I was to follow.  I was provided a Disclosure to the second Charge but nothing related to the first Charge in 2016. After going over the details of that Disclosure I went into the RCMP to have Brian arrested for filing false Police Statements against me & for slander & Defamation against me. I was told no Charges would be filed against Brian because the matter went to Court so there was nothing I could do. It went to Court because I was never Legally Served or Notified about it. Brian had contacted & harassed me & I had screenshots to prove it. I never answered his calls or spoke to him on the phone.... cops claim I did, but have failed to provide me proof of that because I know I never spoke to him & the RCMP is lying about that. 

My evidence was denied & ignored as well as my Witness Testimony that verified that Brian was contacting me after he filed that Charge against me & that he lied on those Police Reports filed against me. The Rd RCMP has refused to release the full Disclosure of my file & those Charges they filed against me. They throw a lot of accusations against me, but have failed to provide factual, incriminating evidence of what they have accused & Charged me with. I’ve filed complaint after complaint against this Police Dept with the Civilian Review & Complaints Commission for the RCMP who refuse to see my side by denying my Claims. I have Evidence that should have had Brian Investigated, Prosecuted & held accountable for the Criminal Offenses he committed but my Pleas of gone ignored & denied. 

I’ve been discriminated against & had my Right’s denied & stripped by a Police Dept who found me Guilty without allowing me the Right to Defend myself. I was denied my right to be heard in a Court. I was found Guilty until proven Innocent & even with the evidence I had it was denied & rejected because they refuse to listen or hear anything I have to say in Defense of my Innocence. The actions of the RD RCMP have been to protect the rights of their members & there Dept because they don’t want to accept fault or wrongdoing in how I was treated & how my file was mishandled. I was Misjudged & found Guilty by Law Enforcement who became my Judge, Jury & Executioner who took the fate of my life by condemning me for Criminal Offenses I never committed.

The response of the Inspector of the RD RCMP, has been the swing vote of decisions in all my Complaints I’ve filed against them & he has refused & rejected all my complaints or concerns by stating that the Actions of the RD RCMP have been Justified in what they did & that they didn’t need to inform or notify me for Police Statements, Warrants or Court Summons that took against me. I highly disagree & feel that they ignored my complaints & concerns so that it would remove them from their own negligence or wrong doing & misconduct that they are negligent of. That Police Dept abused their Positions of Power & Authority by what they did. What they did was wrong, ignorant & unjustified in their actions they pursued against me. 
I’m asking for your support to help get me the Justice I deserve & that my ex-Brian is held Legally accountable in a Court of Law. I want this man to be Criminally Prosecuted for what he did to my life. I’ve filed 2 separate Restraining Orders against Brian, but they were denied, one on Feb 16, 2018 & then again on Jan 20, 2020. I’ve received blocked calls who say nothing.

I was followed into Superstore by Brian on Feb 27,2020 who has never shopped there in the 6 plus yrs I’ve known him. He had nothing in his hand & no shopping cart. 
 I’d only been there for 10 min’s before I noticed him standing there staring at me & then tried to talk to me. I ignored him & he turned around & left. I was then being contacted & messaged by him online on April 5 to April 24, 2020 for 3 wk’s straight begging me to please talk to him & to please call him or come to his home to see him. He was posting likes on my pics & sending requests he was interested in getting to know me more & asked if we could be friends. There is something seriously wrong with this guy, his actions don’t relate to what he’s filed & claimed against me & what he’s said about me is astonishing. The fact he is still contacting me is disturbing & to give u an example of what he claimed & filed against me on Police Statement’s & what he’s told people he knows about me. 

I’ve Harassed & Stalked him for yr’s & don’t leave him alone. 
I’ve tried to poison him 
I’ve broke into his home & took pics of things inside his home & was sending them to him, while he was away at work. 
I’ve sent threatening emails to his family members & that he fears for their safety & his own. 
That I have an escalating drug & alcohol problem. 
That I stalk him & that he's had to get a Restraining Order against me. 
That he has fears that I will break the conds of my Peace Bond. 
That I’ve tried blackmailing him for money. 
That I’m jealous of his past relationships. 
That I called him threatening to commit suicide over him. 
That I’m a crazy native chick 

These are only a few of things he claimed & filed against me that the RCMP has failed to provide evidence or proof of anything filed against me. I got Charged on Circumstantial evidence, hearsay & false allegation's & claims filed by Brian that had no evidence or proof to connect me to anything he was claiming. The Arresting Officer Who Charged me pulled up emails they had on file that were supposed to have come from me, but they had no proof they came from me. Those emails were from 2017, around 6 months prior to the date I was Charged & to date that Police Dept has kept adding things I did or said but have failed to provide documented proof of anything they claim against me. This Officer never called me for my statement or anything & he proceeded to have a Warrant issued for my arrest based on this. I wasn’t given the Right to Defend myself of these claims, it was assumed & believed I was guilty without taken my Statement because Brian Lied & Fabricated Police Statements that where full of holes & misinformed info of what really happened, but they only chose to hear Brians side of lies. What this man did is despicable. 

I filed my complaint of Harassment on April 10, 2020 for what Brian was doing to me & I wanted him Charged for it. I was just given excuse after excuse of why they can’t just Charge someone.....I’m sick of hearing the excuses of this Police Dept. She states she would need proof it was him before Charges could be filed, she gets that info by Brians own admission to her & yet she still does nothing to him. She drops my file onto her Night Watch Commander who threatened me to Cease Contact with her immediately & that he will be taken over. I filed another complaint against both of them for this. 
I’m asking for you to SHARE, SHARE if you support my story of how I was mistreated & descriminated against, by a Justice System who failed my right’s. If u agree with anything I’ve said, then please sign this Petition, by sharing. I want Justice & for those to be held accountable. Can u please help me make that happen,so that I can get the Justice I deserve !!!  

If u want to help support my need with Go Fund ME, this is the Link for that. 
Thank’s for your time !! 
Michelle Ross, 
 Red Deer, AB 

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