Rightmove: Add basic wheelchair-access facts to properties

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Rightmove is the go-to website for renters and buyers, it can be incredibly difficult to use for people like me.

I'm a wheelchair user and for every single property I'm interested in, I first have to ring or email to ask how many steps there are and the width of the entrances.  It means I have missed out on flats because an answer could not come quick enough and the property was gone. I've also ended up spending more money by having to phone.

I'm calling on Rightmove to include information in their  adverts about steps and entrance-widths so that wheelchair users have the information they need to decide if the property is worth a call or a viewing the same way everyone else would. This small fix would make a big difference.

Finding the right property can be tough -  even for an able-bodied person. But it is even more tough for wheelchair users.The Equalities and Human Rights Commission said 93% of 8.5  million rental properties in the UK were not accessible vast majority of properties are not wheelchair accessible to wheelchair users.  360,000 disabled people are living in homes unsuitable for their needs.

Lack of suitable accessible accommodation takes away independence 

As market leaders,  Rightmove could (and should) take the lead and encourage landlords to list this information. It would make our lives better, and  could help  landlords find great tenants.

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