citizenship for covid survivors

citizenship for covid survivors

2 September 2020
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Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives
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Why this petition matters

We are proposing an amnesty for people currently staying in Australia, under the conditions detailed by the Australian government.

The idea of which is not what we can GET, but what we can GIVE to Australia

On terms that are fair exchange. Permanent right to work and reside in Australia, without entitlement to social benefits for at least five years.

We don't want citizenship to prey on the country we choose to live. We want to participate in the reconstruction of this country.

Ready for a change of professions, change of place of residence, to move to places where the work of our hands can be useful.

The pandemic is hitting the global economy with a huge force, with consequences that we will not be able to predict or control for a long time. We are still learning to live and react in the face of the global crisis of Covid19

Nobody gave us the right tools, prepared us for all scenarios and gave us a ready-made procedure. Many wise people are needed to cooperate with each other on the level of the economy, emergency management, public health, recovery and development plans, and mental health care as well.

People acting together taking all factors into account. There is talk of a return to greater independence of world economies. About the necessity of long-term action, the need to decide on the ways of providing our citizens with jobs and permanent access to the hard-earned rights and goods.

Australia is facing an enormous challenge today. At the disposal of all possible means, she has to face great challenges. How to reduce losses due to the impact of a pandemic. How to stay fluid. How to become self-sufficient enough to keep your citizens safe. It is already known today that there will be a shortage of workers in various sectors. Already today, almost 40,000 workers in the regions are needed ready to take up work on the upcoming harvest. There are already serious shortcomings today. For a long time, the borders will remain closed to backpackers who have become the farm workforce every year.

Already today, there is a shortage of students who supply the hospitality industry. There are currently 2.5 million people in Australia who are not citizens of Australia. Who are at different stages of their emigration journey and their adventure. Most of them are willing to give work of their hands in a fair trade for the possibility of remaining Australian territory.

Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to find a way to remain Australian territory. To keep building my home and the life I deserve. Knowing there's nothing for free. I know that there are many more people like me, and for the opportunity to stay in Australia they are ready to offer the work of their hands, their muscles, their skills, education, their determination.

As one such person, I think of myself as someone who survived a pandemic without government help, and what most important without expecting that help. I am 36 years old, my name is Karolina and with my husband Mikołaj I chose Australia as my place on earth less than five years ago. I honestly and hard earned the opportunity to study in Australia. I paid honestly for this education. I have been creating my home in Australia for almost five years. I adopted two wonderful abandoned cats, Zofia and Jakub. I pay taxes, rent houses, bills, and buy clothes, food and products. I spend the money I earns on sightseeing in Australia. I abide by the law, and I really don't want to get anything for free.

Today I stood in front of the wall. Being on a graduated 485 visa due to the pandemic, it was not possible to work out 1,725 hours in the profession of a cook, which I had so hard to earn. To finish Job ready program i Trade Recognision Australia. To have a chance for another visa, a real path to permanent work and residence law in Australia, worked out honestly.

Australia has taught me we're in this together. I got so much from her. I have developed, I realized that the responsibility for my life is in my hands. And I have one life. As we all. If you feel like you are a survivor. If you feel you want to be part of this dialogue and be part of this petition please join us. We will need any help. Especially legal. We're in this together.

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Signatures: 118Next goal: 200
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