Right to our physical fitness ⚽️

Right to our physical fitness ⚽️

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lavanya Babbar

Due to most of the world moving towards the online world , nowadays children have started adapting to the way of life without making physical fitness a part of our their lives .

However finding the crucial reason behind children not willing to play is extremely important, one of the reasons for this loss could be due to unhygienic state of parks and gardens.

Due to decreased amount of visitors in the gardens and park , it doenst feel like a responsibility to clean the parks now however this can have a direct effect on people’s physical fitness . 
The fear of covid virus has effected many people which have made it unsure for citizens to travel and go outsides our homes and the untidy state has added up to the problem of fear of going to the parks .

it’s extremely vital for the government to take strict actions as it’s high time that students step out of their house and enjoy the world of fitness by taking advantage of the opportunity of enjoying the natural environment of parks .

hence I would like to file a petition for the government to hire cleaners weekly for cleaning the parks and organising cleanliness drives annually for leading to a greener and a cleaner world .


-Aenaya Babbar 

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!