Revoke 15 (1) of CBC act (R​.​S​.​C., c. C-44) - Protect Living Creation Not Corporations

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We the citizens of Canada-Turtle Island Respectfully call upon the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled to call upon the Governor General of Canada to Use their power of Royal Assent to Revoke section 15(1) of Canada Business Corporations Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-44) whereas " a Corporation has the capacity and subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person."

"Person hood" is granted to People and Corporations under the legal definition in Federal Law



Peoples employed by Corporation fall victim to this act, signing legally binding contracts that directly compromise an individuals Freedom of Speech in Canada.
Including but not limited to : Indigenous Community Workers, Front Line Workers, Addictions and Mental Health Counselors, Medical Professionals etc.

Corporations are the leading cause of Poisoning Our Waters, Harming our Environment, Abusing Animals and Harming People through Systemic Oppression.

Protecting the Corporations is to Protect the Economy as opposed to the Living Entities/Creations in Canada (Turtle Island)

Corporations are selling personal Data of the people, reducing people to algorithms while spreading targeted misinformation to citizens of Canada (Turtle Island).

Corporate Legal Entities' Exploitation of the Earth as Resources to be bought and sold is directly linked of the destruction of the Living Legal Entity - Human Animals - and its Environment : Mother Earth and its Climate.

We have to stop crawling our way from the bottom to the top.

Change now, Canada- Protect Living Creations, Not Corporations In consideration for Our Planet: Mother Earth, the peoples of today and future generations to come. Protect Living Creations, Not Corporations.

We Are Stronger Together
Miigwetch, Merci,Thank you