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Petition to change the WC II host in RIFA to Venezuela Or Japan.

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There are several issues with the host being France. I'm sure many of you are done with "Euro 2016 France" being fucking rinsed to death by MPS, PRS, TPS etc, so why did the community opt for France AGAIN. Why not strive for change? Something fresh, something new, something to garner attentions across all Ro Soccer platforms...

  1. My main concern as a developer is the stadiums, many of these look generic and way too easy to create. On the other end the scale, we have extremely complicated stadiums such as the Veledrome which are not possible to replicate on the ROBLOX Studio platform. Veledrome Pic Gallery Click Here. This will make the cup feel generic, blame, done before and unoriginal.
  2. Results. The results were decided by a difference of LESS THAN 10. Which is not representative of more than half the communities vote. 34% of the entire community voted against france. With 66% of the community selecting otherwise. Generally this means 66% of the community are unhappy with the result. This means we have a world cup which the vast majority didn't want or ask for...
  3. Authenticity is key to making a competition that's as lucrative as the world cup. Hosting in France is associated with the EUROS. This takes away from an original event. Brazil WC was extremely authentic with skins being use from the world cup instead of a different competition.
  4. Other options, take a moment to google stadia in Venezuela, Japan, Holland, they are much more interesting, and offering different cultures. France won the vote as they have a large community within RIFA, but are still a minority vs their Euro, American and Asian counterparts, who combined outnumber them. To Get a positive and engaging WC a re-vote with the top 3 voted for hosts should take part to get a more inclusive set of results.

I hope you agree and sign this to show support, all information is confidential of Charge.Org and will not be kept or used as evidence etc.

Many thanks, Your man Alf.

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