Replace and Reopen the Depot Road Bridge - Ridgefield, CT

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Ildi Hagen
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On October 3, 2019 the Town of Ridgefield will permanently close the Depot Road bridge as the State's Department of Transportation has deemed it unsafe.  There is currently no plan to repair, replace, or reopen this bridge.  The current alternative to the residents of Branchville by the Ridgefield Board of Selectmen is for all vehicular traffic to use the Portland Avenue bridge as the sole route over the Norwalk River.

We respectfully ask that the Depot Road Bridge is closed only on a temporary basis, and the Town of Ridgefield immediately and efficiently works towards repairing or replacing this bridge.

With the closure of the Depot Road Bridge we feel there are a number of problems that are not being considered by the Town of Ridgefield:

  • Vehicles traveling southbound on Route 7 are now forced to make a left turn against traffic traveling northbound.  There is limited space in the southbound lane and vehicles waiting to turn left will inevitably cause a backup of southbound traffic on Route 7.
  •  Vehicles exiting Portland Avenue are entering Route 7 at an intersection with no traffic light.  This is extremely difficult during evening rush hour when most commuters are traveling northbound on Route 7.
  • There is an increased probability of an accident with more vehicles trying to enter and exit Portland Avenue without a traffic light.
  • The Portland Avenue Bridge is currently used by many pedestrians walking between the Branchville Train Station and the businesses across Route 7 including Dunkin Donuts, the Sand Wedge, and Subway.
  • It is significantly more difficult for vehicles to access West Branchville Road, a small street in Ridgefield that is home to a number of residents and a handful of Mom & Pop Stores. 

We appreciate and understand the need to close the Depot Road Bridge for our safety.  However, this closure needs to be temporary so that repairs or replacement can be made and the bridge can be reopened as soon as possible.