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Uphold Rez Students' Choice of FRESH RRRA in the 2017 Elections

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During the 2017 RRRA elections, the FRESH RRRA team was unfairly disqualified after a series of unsubstantiated allegations. FRESH RRRA maintained a positive campaign with integrity, and still managed to secure more votes than any other team. The elections office stepped outside of their boundaries and declared that even though FRESH RRRA received the most amount of votes and got elected, they cannot be the next RRRA Executive.

We hereby petition the rulings of the Rideau River Residence Association’s Constitutional Board, which without grounds disqualified the FRESH RRRA team. We are currently appealing this decision and are asking RRRA Council to uphold the resident students’ choice of FRESH RRRA as the rightful and democractically elected executive council in the 2017 elections. Please see the attached document outlining full details of our appeal, with thorough evidence.

Join us in standing up for democracy. Join us in standing up for what's right and sending an email to each of the RRRA Councilors to make your voice heard once again. To have them uphold the results of the 2017 election and appoint the rightful winners, the team who received the most votes by the residence student body, FRESH RRRA.

You voted for the team you saw best fit to lead RRRA, don’t let them throw your vote away.

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