Please Ricoh, make a new Pentax pro apsc dslr, and a serious new top lenses line

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Since 2014, Ricoh ceases to update his pro apsc dslr cameras line. Since then, no news are coming from Japan. This, and the bad news about the Ricoh balance, get Pentax fans in despair. The announced pro lenses line (like new 50 1.4 and 85 1.4) is in standby, no one of the new upcoming fixed lenses, specially thought for their fullframe camera K-1, is really launched at the moment. The old line of Da "Star" is still equipped with the worst af motor ever made in modern photography history, and Fa "Limited" lenses is stuck on an useless screw motordrive af (slow and inaccurate). The only and alone sign of life is a fancy silly camera, blinking eye to Olympus and Fuji (only for his shape) So, we - pro users and proudly Pentax enthusiasts - MUST say something. Many Pentax users are switching to Sony or Nikon, due to their new awesome cameras and top 1.4 lenses. Where is Ricoh? Where are the new lenses, equipped with awesome PLM an DC af motors? Where is the successor of the AWESOME k3 aps-c pro camera?

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