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RickyG as may you all already know, is an amazing indie game creator with his best works being Flashdrive WarsPixel RunUppertale, and of course Rickstercraft.

And for years now RickyG has been working on various strange spin off of his games, completely forgetting his primary best work ever, every fan of RickyG has been asking RickyG if he would ever continue his work, but then he simply said to our face a No.

Ricky ignored his fans by saying to us that a sequel of Rickstercraft will never happen, which of course made Fans sad, bringing despair and sadness to everyone that played his games, but for some reason he just ignored ONE of his old games, and we can see that by just seeing that Ricky himself made a sequel to Flashdriver Wars with no problem at all, so we've came to the conclussion that RickyG does not intend on working on such a master piece of a game named Rickstercraft just because he think the fans are over hyping it too much, so today we would like to bring every fan together to stop Ricky's plans and make Rickstercraft 2!!!

But for that to happen, we need you, we need all of you to join in our petition to make this game happen, it will not be an easy task, but we will surely make it happen!

Join in our cause and make Rickstercraft 2 happen.

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