Wanton Waste Law, Hunting and Trapping

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Many hunters today have a problem with finding waste animals in the field, Purposely left there by people and to many hunters face losing a killed or injured animal running onto private property and not being allowed to retrieve that animal and the animal wastes, we need to put a law in affect to stop this and make it illegal to waste a game animal,

i propose a law like in Maine and Alaska to help stop waste and criminally charge anyone who intentionally injure or kill and knowingly leave the animal to waste. 

This is what maine’s law looks like 

(a person may not waste a wild bird or wild animal that has been wounded or killed by that person while hunting. For purposes of this section, "waste" means to intentionally leave a wounded or killed animal in the field or forest without making a reasonable effort to retrieve and render it for consumption or use. A person who violates this section commits a Class E crime.)

WAnton waste means, “to intentionally waste something negligently or inappropriately.” This term is used in relation to hunting. Most states have laws to the effect that a person may not wantonly waste or destroy a usable part of a protected wild animal unless authorized. No person shall waste a wild bird or wild animal that has been wounded or killed while hunting. Any act that results in wanton or needless waste of the animal or otherwise intentionally allows it or an edible portion thereof to be wantonly or needlessly wasted or fails to dispose it in a reasonable and sanitary manner amounts to an offense that is punishable.


from talking with the DNR Michigan has no law, talking with many hunters they would love to have this law put in place, the law would help in retrieval of game animals from private property and stop the waste of life of an animal from someone who just kills and leaves animals for no reason, please help get this law passed to ensure the future of hunting and the future of the game we Hunt and love. 

If anyone has anything else to add please do let’s get this passed

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