Support the Pardon of Frederick Freeman by Governor Rick Snyder #FreeFredFreeman

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Bill Branham
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Frederick Freeman has served 32 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. For detailed information, click on this link, but below is a quick summary of just a few points.

1. Nine disinterested and unimpeached alibi witnesses place him more than 400 miles from the scene of the murder.

2. A federal judge concluded that the prosecutor committed misconduct by offering favors to entice a jailhouse informant to lie and by hiding exculpatory evidence from the defense.

3. An ammunition box found at the scene contained a fingerprint not belonging to Freeman.

4. There was absolutely no evidence at the crime scene – documentary, forensic, or physical – that connected Freeman to the killing.  Many other irregularities too numerous to mention in this summary have occurred.

Though Mr. Freeman earlier had rejected a 10 years plea deal, now after 32 years, deteriorating health has persuaded him to seek this pardon, though he stands by his innocence. Please sign this petition so the Governor realizes how many other people believe Michigan is guilty of a terrible injustice and must make it right.