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End Driver Responsibility Fees

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Driver Responsibility Fees (DRF) were instituted by the Michigan legislature in 2003 under the guise of promoting safer driving. The added fees were assessed on residents who received 7 points on their driving record.

A large problem with these fees is that the assessment from the department of treasury was extremely confusing. Residents had difficulty understanding why they would pay a penalty in the local district court and then later get a bill from the state of Michigan. The penalties seem to multiply for some as people who could not keep up with payments would again be penalized for a second year and for minor infractions such as driving without an insurance certificate. Many residents lost their licenses due to the inability to pay the fines. This in turn led to driving illegally or facing losing a job due to lack of transportation. Local judges and other officials realized that the collateral consequences caused problems which were worse than just poor driving.

Many agree that this was nothing more than a desperate grab for money by the legislature at a time when the state’s economy began to deliver less revenue through traditional taxes.

In 2014, led by Representative Joe Haveman and District Judge Bill Kelly the legislature unanimously agreed to roll back the fees and eventually phase them out by 2020.

Driver Responsibility Fees have disrupted many lives and especially hurt poorer people in Michigan. It's time to end this program. Please sign this petition to tell Governor Snyder to end DRF's once and for all. 

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