Demand that Michigan restore funding for mental health

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Michigan has dramatically cut funding for mental illness and now people are without the the services they desperately need. Millions of our most vulnerable are suffering.

My son struggles every day with schizophrenia. It's only because of support that was available through Community Mental Health that we were finally able to identify the right medication and stabilize his condition. He would not be able to receive the same standard of care today and that puts other sons and daughters, mothers and fathers at great risk. 

In Ottawa County where my son and I live, CMH was recently integrated into a new regional partnership with six other Michigan counties for its Medicaid funding. The partnership experienced a cut of $10 million in Medicaid funding. Medicaid accounts for 94 percent of Ottawa County CMH’s $38 million budget.
The CMH also was hit with a 62 percent reduction in its funding from the state’s general fund — a drop from $3.5 million in fiscal 2014 to $1.4 million in fiscal 2015.

As a family member of a person with a sever mental illness and as a former professional in helping people with disabilities gain competitive employment, I know very well the obstacles that greet even the most resourceful clients and their advocates. Now those obstacles have become insurmountable for individuals who are being turned away. CMH offices have been forced into massive layoffs and the elimination of programming and resources, resulting in the denial of our population's most vulnerable citizens to get the care they need and deserve. 

Mental illnesses ravage lives and leads directly to outcomes involving homelessness, prison, hospitalization and suicide. Mental health treatment is not only a human rights issue and a moral imperative, it is good for the economy.  

We need to insist that funding for mental illness be restored. Getting people the treatment they need will reduce overall expenditures by reducing the costs of expensive hospitalization, incarceration and other unintended outcomes. Addressing mental illness proactively results in healthier individuals who are able to contribute to the workforce and play a positive role in Michigan's future.

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