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Water given in replace of milk in schools

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I want to help make a change. I no longer want to sit back and wait for someone else to make the change. So I have decided to do and say something about it. So many of us are walking around DEHYDRATED. Especially our children. We are so busy on the go and forget to hydrate. I love health, nutrition and fitness. I have a passion to help share my love for it where I can get it out. I am always in hand with a water bottle for both my daughter and I. I recently have been very bothered by the fact our children all across America get MILK with their school lunches. When do our children get adequate amounts of water to drink? When most of them are in school and in after care all day? Milk is not needed. Water is big time. 

When your body doesn't have enough water, dehydration sets in QUICK. When we don't have enough water, it can keep you from being alert, can make your  body sluggish, give headaches, make you think you are hungry when in fact you are just lacking much water  and can even make you sick. With the extreme heat many states experience, just allowing kids to get a sip of water here and there during the school day is NOT enough. Dehydration can KILL. 

I believe that by having water in replace of milk at lunch for our children will help them concentrate in class, allow them to behave better, as well as teaching them the importance of water drinking/taking care of their bodies at a young age and have less illness as well

PLEASE help me make a change and get water mandated in schools instead of milk for our children. I can't express how important getting adequate amount of water in ALL especially our children is. <3 Thank you for reading!


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