Time For Effective Gun Control Laws in Florida

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Let Florida be the change we need…these are our towns, our counties, our children – this is OUR state! We do not need the federal government’s okay to protect our children. We gladly take the responsibility of preserving our children’s lives. It is time to affect real Gun Control Laws in OUR state. We are standing together to say No More! We will be the example in our nation to protect what we hold most dear…our children.

I’m not going to convince anyone with the factual evidence, the statistics that show over and over again that gun control laws work. I’m not going to illustrate how effective gun control law is in other countries, or berate you with the fact that our children (American children) have the lowest life expectancy rate than all other developed countries because of gun violence.

What I am going to say is this: You know it is time for real change if you’ve looked into the wide innocent eyes of a child while trying to explain to them how to stay safe during a school shooting – knowing inside your heart that no matter how much good advice you give them or even if they followed your advice to the letter there is a chance that your child might not make it out alive if there was a shooting at their school.

I’m asking you to consider this petition for your child, for the  children who have already passed because of gun violence, for all children of Florida because it is our responsibility to keep them AND ourselves safe – let’s take back our community from the evil that has tried to silence us…we are not going to be told this is not the time to talk about Gun Control Laws… we are not going to go quietly away – our voice is getting stronger…Make Our Government Listen:

I propose the following consideration for real gun control laws as part of this petition:

1.)    Raise the Minimum age requirement to purchase firearms to 25.

2.)    Create and affect a banned list of all automatic and semi-automatic rifles – prohibit the purchase, sale, trade, gift of those banned weapons in the state of Florida going forward.

3.)    Allow only the purchase/sale/trade/gift of hand guns and shot guns (hunting weapons).

4.)    To be considered to be allowed to own hand guns and or shot guns - the owner must not only be registered as a gun owner, but also have completed a gun safety class, psychological evaluation by a reputable, certified and experienced psychologists who is on a state referred endorsement list - such psychological certificate of mental health must be completed within the week of said registration of gun ownership, character references and a Level 2 background screening (initially – prior to registration, regularly and randomly every year said person is the registered owner of a gun).

5.)     No one can transport via air or other means into the state of Florida any of the weapons listed on the banned list. Those who do try to bring these weapons into the state should have the weapon ceased and the offender should be prosecuted with jail time or deportation to their state or country of origin as well as being placed on a no-fly list in and or out of Florida. 2nd and 3rd offenses should be met with increasing degree of punitive action.

6.)    Those who currently own weapons on the banned list may be allowed to keep their weapons but cannot sell, give, trade existing weapons or purchase additional weapons on banned list – upon their passing/death the weapon becomes the property of the State and is not inheritable property – or owners of such weapons can voluntarily turn those weapons into the State.

 I recognize that a strong argument for owning a gun is for self-protection – My response to that is; it only takes one bullet to disarm someone – not 15, I’m not proposing revocation of the 2nd amendment – I’m proposing streamlining our current gun laws to protect ourselves and most importantly to protect our children.

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