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Dear sir,

     I am writing you this letter as a concerned citizen of Brevard County, Florida. I was shocked and absolutely disgusted when I saw the national news story covering the untimely and preventable death of Jamel Dunn in Cocoa, FL. If you have yet to witness this atrocity, here is a brief synopsis: On July 9, 2017, the 31 year old, disabled man, drowned in a Cocoa retention pond. His body was not discovered until July 14th. Around this time, police discovered a group of teens had recorded the entire incident, which included audio of the man screaming for help. Throughout Dunn's struggle, the teens were heard shouting obscenities toward him, as well as laughing. As a human being, this video left an imprint on my heart, and as a health care professional in Brevard County, the video lit a fire inside of me. I understand that there are no laws, in place, to hold these teens responsible. I am a practical person. I know that it wouldn't have been beneficial for anyone, had the teens decided to jump in and rescue the man. There likely would have been multiple drownings. However, without a doubt, there should be laws in place for witnessing a death or an event that will likely lead to death if immediate action is not provided. I am not a lawyer or politician. I'm just a regular citizen. Yet I know right from wrong. If your neighbor watched your granddaughter fall into a pool and drown, would you not want him to call 911? Would you want him to hold some type of accountability when your granddaughter's body was found 5 days after drowning? Absolutely. I am petitioning for "Jamel's Law". A law that would hand down punishment for witnessing a death or an event leading to a death and not reporting it to authorities or calling for help. I understand there will be fine print and hoops to jump through, but I'm willing to jump. Thank you for your time.

Danielle Collins LPN
Brevard County, Florida




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