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Stop the lies from social workers

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Ever wonder what's being twisted behind closed doors as your child that you have always told never talk to strangers is being forced alone with a person and questioned over and over? I petition when a social worker from the department of children and families show up to question everyone involved in an allegation be accompanied by an officer (or psa) and be under oath and recorded the entire time. I fell victim to the department twisting my 12 yr old daughters statement. which resulted in the removal of my 4 children , they were separated and put in foster homes. I contacted the investigator from the department and spoke to her about the report . I explained there was some kind of mistake Bc the statement was nowhere near what had happened. she told me in a very cold tone ...prove it. I knew then and there the only way to do that was to bring the 4 adults present at the time my daughter was questioned to court. But before I was able to contact my attorney to subpoena them the department had already arranged to remove my children and request visitation to be revoked on top of the term tpr being thrown around. meaning "terminate parental rights" they were doing everything possible to keep the attorneys and the judge sidetracked from this report. Due to this illegally fabricated report the department has managed to revoke our visit with one of my children, my12 yr old daughter is not vaccinated and is covered by  this scary rash, my 4yr old daughter has been ate up with head lice with bleeding scabs her shoes were 2sizes to small,  my 1yr old son has shoes falling apart causing him to fall and have minor head injures the foster mother for the youngest 2 is forcing them to call her momma . Every week my children are more and more scared and in such bad shape. my oldest daughter keeps reaching out to me at visit telling me the department has been lying about my son they revoked my visit with and she is very scared. she tells me the guardian ad litem keep trying to bribe my children with gifts if they say what the department of children and family want to hear and nothing is recorded so there is no proof of anything. I believe if there were a recording of the actual testimony the reports are based off life would be very different not just for me and my children but for millions. LETS PUT A STOP TO INJUSTICE  REMOVALS!!!

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