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Several years ago my grandchildren were basically stolen from their mother. Their father is a malignant narcissist who is the best liar and manipulator I have ever met.

The few times I was around him prior to the divorce I witnessed severe psychological abuse and manipulation. My daughter regularly sent me pics of the bruises on her and her youngest daughter from his abuse. It was a relief when she finally got the courage to take her children and flee to safety.

But the relief was short lived as he was able to gaslight the judges into believing his lies.  She was forced back to Florida.  My last conversation with my 2 granddaughters was them crying and begging me to protect them from their daddy and other grandma. I told them to be strong and I believed the courts would help them.

It was not to be the case. He was and is such a narcissist that he managed to convince many people of his lies. The first counselor assigned to help make a family parenting plan saw through him. So he fired her.. and the judge allowed it with out ever asking the therapist why. It happened again. Another firing without being asked why. Then the 3rd therapist fell hook line and sinker. You see... he had brainwashed my grandchildren into lying about their mother.  So the therapist told the judge they needed more time to adjust.  

By this time my daughter had gone an entire year of being alienated. After the divorce was final and he had primary custody the therapist started catching him in serious lies and his gaslighting facade collapsed. She confronted him. His response was to fire her and make false legal accusations against her.

Finally, after 2 years my daughter took him back to court for custody. It is now 3 years. Complete alienation. The judge keeps calling them back every 3 months for an update. But the alienator always has excuses and never does what he is told to do. 

Any other judge would detain him for contempt but this judge just keeps letting him lie, manipulate and abuse those kids by his narcissism and brainwashing against their mommy. My daughter has spent  at least 20 thousand on lawyer fees and hasn't even been allowed to talk to her kids once

I'm asking for the Pinellas county judges to read the parent talk they ordered, to question past therapists and to follow through on this case. To become educated about malignant narcissism and parental alienation. To demand absolute proof of every word they are told. To listen to the guardian ad lidems.

I'm asking that the lawmakers make it a law that anyone that helps determine placement of children become fully educated about narcissism and parental alienation.  That they also label it a form of child abuse punishable by jail time and possible loss of custody for the alienators.

This is child abuse. It happens to mothers and fathers. It needs to be stopped 

I have blocked my grandchildren faces because my ex son in law always complains about my daughter having pics of her children. The pic is one I had taken in dresses I bought before the divorce was started.  It sits above my fireplace.


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