Second Chances For Abused Victims

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My name is Venita and I am a single mother of two children. In 2011 I was in an abusive relationship with my ex-husband who is in the military. At the time my ex-husband was the only source of income for our family and I was a stay at home mom. On May 13, 2011, an argument started between my ex-husband and me. I tried to leave and he wouldn’t let me. He continued to follow me, and while trying to escape and separate myself from the situation I went to my bedroom to calm down. When I was shutting the door he tried to grab me and his arm was caught between the door and the door jamb. When the police arrived to assess the situation I withheld information because I was afraid of the legal repercussions the military would have taken on my husband at the time. Ultimately I was arrested on a domestic battery charge.

Legally I cannot have my record sealed or expunged due to the nature of my charge. This is preventing me from getting jobs to provide for my family. As I am not one to live off of the government or handouts I am seeking help in changing laws in misdemeanor domestic abuse situations. Not everything is black and white and we deserve a second chance and not to be misjudged by society for a wrongful conviction. I am urging everyone to join forces with me on a second chance program designed to give people an opportunity for a normal life. While I do not condone domestic abuse or violence in any manner, it has been proven that parties involved in these situations withhold information because of fear of what could happen.

As an abuse victim, I am taking a stand. Who will stand with me to help those too paralyzed by fear to stand for themselves? Paralyzed by fear not to stand for themselves? Please, every share helps victims like me.





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