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Governor Scott - Save Our Florida History NOW Before its GONE!

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Around the Country and around Florida there is a widespread group of extremists that are hell-bent on purging American History...starting with Southern history involving Confederate veterans.

The erase-ists  won in the City of New Orleans...but Floridians aren't going to tolerate this.  The Mission of the Florida Department of State includes "preserve its rich historical and cultural heritage for the benefit of generations to come".

Yet, so far the State of Florida has been standing on the sidelines watching history be destroyed around the State...not lifting a finger to stop it.

When is the Governor going to intervene?  After we have pictures of Florida history thrown in the trash-bin like in New Orleans.

Florida history is evaporating in front of our eyes - because a militant, extreme few say it 'has got to go'. Florida has only been a state for 175 years, and some of our Southern war memorials are 145 years old (83% of our Florida statehood).

Don't just sign this the Secretary of State NOW and DEMAND he and Governor SCOTT take EMERGENCY ACTION to prevent the wholesale erradication of Florida history.

Contact him NOW AT: 

Ken Detzner
Florida Secretary of State

Please pass this along to family and friends and ask them to ask, also.

Here is an example letter/message (put it in your own words)

Sec. Detzner,

Your mission is to protect and preserve history in Florida. Right now, there are a group of extremists seeking to destroy some of our oldest historical memorials. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....STOP IT NOW!


The time is NOW. Our heritage won't last another generation if we don't "just say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"'!

Together, we can...

 - Save Southern Heritage - FL

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