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Return my three children to my care

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I have a divorce case in Dade City court house for 6 yr. case 512011-DR- 1441- 

On Nov 2, 2016 my children were taken by law enforcement to their father's house  to enjoy parenting time! although there is therapist, psychologists and doctor notes that these kids have been harmed in this house. But a judge had the authority to sign an order to  remove my children by force and against thier well from my care because they did not go therapy with thier father to a therapist that is refusing to release her liscense number and testified opposite to the children's wish under oath on Nov 1, 2016 hearing that they are safe to be there! 

This Judge signed 12 orders in one year; which is more than all the orders that have been issued on this case for 5 years!!!

opposing counsel keep filing 5 contempts of non existing legal fact and that Judge keep signing orders on these contempts with a plan to put me the mother in jail! I keep responding that there is no contempts but I am not heard!!!!

My children and I are suffering trauma since that Judge signed that order that the primary care mother would have no contact until I do 3rd. Mental evaluation  just because I argued my case with her as I was pro se; on Nov 1; 3 hrs. hearing.

although I did two evaluation last year and came out the I have above average of intellectual ability! 

This Judge took my children and hurted me and my children now for 40 days we cannot see or talk to each other.!! I tired to reach to the court administration but my attorney was called by the Judge assistant and I was asked not to reach out! and I keep asking to move forward for the welfare of the children but it seems that my voice alone is not strong enough for the welfare of three children that are suffering emotionally to be considered! 

 please help me and my children and voice  my children's desire that they need to come back home to thier mother for thier emotional and psychological stability as this is the second time my ex husband attorney done that to me and my children. Please help me and my children 

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