Removal of Superintendent and School Board Officials in Wakulla County

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On August 8, 2017, Greg Marr Jr published a podcast on Freedom 93.3 regarding the trial of Rhonda Shields and its involvement to the suicide of Kyle Johnson. Throughout the podcost you will hear that Rhonda Shields joined Riversprings Middle School in June 2014 and shortly after was evaluated by her peers in October and November regarding her inappropriate contact with Kyle Johnson. In January 2015, Kyle was removed from her classroom after complaints from students regarding this contact. Even the students noticed! Ultimately this teacher was allowed to bully and have inappropriate contact with a student without the parent's knowledge. This teacher was evaluated and lacking in her skills as a teacher and the administration allowed her to continue teaching. She was later suspended with pay and resigned from her teaching position on May 31, 2017. She has since plead guilty to two counts of contributing to a delinquency of a minor.

It is necessary for our community to hold those accountable! Why did the School Board officials and the Administration of Riversprings Middle School allow these actions to continue? Why does the School Board condone this behavior in the classroom? Why is there no accountability in our Wakulla County School System?

The administration of Riversprings Middle School during that time were aware and did not inform the parents. This is not ok! The Administration is still currently employed as well. Our children are attending the Wakulla County Schools and we are entrusting them with their lives and they continue to let us down! It is time we speak out! It is not acceptable!

If this same Administration and School Board is in place how can we honestly trust that our children are being cared for in an appropriate manner?