Removal of Dr. Brenda Snipes as Broward County Supervisor of Elections

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Taylor Martin Martin
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Dr. Brenda Snipes has proven to repeatedly mishandle elections, specifically ballots, including at least one instance of deleting votes. Dr. Snipes is a partisan democrat incapable of operating an impartial, fair and above board election process.

Her most recent election fiasco includes thousands of early voting and mail in ballots that were not counted on election night, and a box of provisional ballots left behind at a school that had been used as an election polling place. We don’t know who handled any of these ballots in question, if they are indeed legal voting records. There is no chain of custody.

This gross incompetence, or election interference, if you will, can not and should never be tolerated. Our right to vote is a sacred right, it differentiates the United States of America from most other nations in the world. As legal Florida residents, legal registered Florida voters, this shoddy kind of representation impacts all Floridians and needs to be stopped. There is no excuse for it.