Prevent students from receiving absence marks due to mass shooting threats

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My daughter has a weighted GPA of 4.39 here in a Lee County H.S.. However due to several threats being made at her High School online and in-person she has always caught wind of it prior to admimistration addressing it with parents. By the time the next morning comes and everything is fine it's too late because anxiety would have set in for both of us. I have purposely kept her home from schools on several days due to online threats specific to her High School.  The school district is asking us to choose between peace of mind and good attendance. This is not fair. On days where a student's online threads has made it all the way to social media whether credible or not, the children should be allowed to stay home to be homeschooled for the day via either Google classroom or whatever.   We have to remember at Parkland no one took his threats seriously.

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