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Two days ago, on February 14, 2018, A 19-year-old walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas armed with a Semi-Automatic AR-15 and killed 17 people (14 Students and 3 Faculty Members) and injured 14 others. When this child took the lives of these children, he took those hopes and dreams of those kids, He took children from their parents, He took lives of those brave individuals who were loved by the community, who put their lives on the line for these kids. That is not okay that he was able to do this, that’s not okay he took these innocent kids lives. This child was said to have mental issues and had this event premeditated. This child bought the rifle at only 18 years of age. It’s ridiculous that a child this young was able to buy a rifle at only 18, while the age requirement to buy a handgun is 21. If there would have been more security at this school the outcome of this very unfortunate event could have been very different. One of these 17 children that was taken from us was one of my best friends, when this news hit me I was devastated. With your support we can make this happen, we can prevent another Douglas Highschool Massacre, or a Sandy Hooks or another Columbine. So vote for this petition and prevent any more young lives and those brave faculty members from being lost due to these unfortunate events. Let this be one of the last school shootings due to faults in our security systems!!!

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