Make Lane Splitting Legal In Florida

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Under this it should be the priority of the rider to always be aware of those around them and always proceeding with caucion. Lane splitting is currently legal in the state of California and is a safe and effective use of lanes which motorcycles can fit in. Lane splitting is useful in situations where air cooled motorcycles are at risk of overheating in the hot Florida sun in bumper to bumper traffic. It is also a effective way to avoid incidences of roderage where a rider cant get away from drivers who have it out for riders. You can ask riders and they will agree that it should be legal in all states even if a biker personally doesn't like to do the act themselves they will understand the importance of having the choice of going around people who go under the speed limit and form rolling road blocks. Most drivers themselves wish they could cut between the 2 cars going 60 in the center and left lane so why would you want to restrict that from someone who actually can. This is also effective in emergency where a rider needs to get somewhere in a hurry: ie. The hospital, an accident of a loved one, and any other situation where the rider is needed but cant get there due to drivers going under the speed limit. If you have read this far you clearly care about the cause. Please understand this is not a joke and many other riders and I are looking for equality between states and if this law was so unhealthy it would have been repealed. 

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