Let the Lower Keys Residents back in to help our community!!

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We want our lives and our homes back! Let us in to re-bulid and help our community. We are able bodied workers bringing supplies our community desperately needs. If we are in good heath and choose to go without electricity, running water and cell phones that is our decision to make. We want to help our friends and neighbors. It is not right for the government to refuse us the right to our lives if the roads can be traveled safely. 

Please read below what a personal friend PJ Dellas wrote, he did NOT evacuate and just drove from mile marker 0 all the way to the turnpike without any obstruction or issues.

Governor Rick Scott, you have the ability to bring real relief to the Keys by the administrative stroke of your pen. By executive order you could cut through all of this bureaucratic morass which has been placed upon the residents of the Florida Keys by unelected officials, bureaucrats, and well-meaning obstructionists. We have plenty of police down here now from all over the state. But because of an overabundance of caution, they are not allowing the people that we need to enter the keys.
We need laborers. We need workers. We need people that can move trees. We need people that can pick up things. We need people that can clean. We need people that will pick up trash. What we have here is a bureaucratic tyranny being caused by people who are exercising their Authority in ways that are not really helping the people who are suffering. I know they mean well. But their good intentions are not helping those who have been stranded without electric, water, sewer, telephone, internet, television, gasoline, or any other of the essential services that we need. They want to resume their lives. Their places of business need to reopen.
Mr. Governor, you may know that many of the people that live in these keys are people that have to work to make ends meet. Many of them live from paycheck to paycheck. The ones who did not evacuate often times of the ones who can't afford to evacuate. By not allowing those who can help get this place back in order to enter the Lower Keys, you are adding Financial stress to these people. You are a good governor. You are very reasonable. I voted for you. I know somehow you're going to get this message and do the right thing for the suffering people of the Florida Keys. Thank you in advance.

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