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Gun registry in USA

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In 2018 there have already been over a dozen school shootings in USA and hardly none of them get brought to the international news, why's that? because they happen so regularly, Shootings in North America happen daily and to be frank all the government is currently focussing on is immigration, well we need to put that on hold for a little bit.

It doesn't matter if your from the states or not just imagine your walking the streets of Florida for instance, you wouldn't want to walk in fear everyday would you? because thats the life in the United States of America, walking every day in fear that you might be shot dead by the billions of guns that are in circulation across North America.

So ask yourself this, would you want to get a phone call from the police saying your son/daughter was shot dead at their own school? Would you want to be worried if your partner/child/family is going to make it home from a normal day at work? Or would you want a phone call saying your friend or family was murdered at a concert?

This petition isnt only for the North Americans, as internation visitors to this Beautiful country we have the right to walk the streets of a country and be fearless but we dont, when we go to USA everyone will agree with me, we tremble in fear, thinking will the next gun shot be aimed at me?

We need change, outlawing guns straight of the bat will never work, so i call for everyone to sign this petition to get a gun registry in place so the government can legally keep track of all the guns in circulation and hopefully stop major massacres and crimes like this occurring again.

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