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Governor Rick Scott Please Help us keep my sisters rdside memorial up! The DOT permitted!

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Dear Governor Rick Scott and anyone else this may be seen by please take a moment out of your time to read this petition and strongly consider our points of view. My sister was tragically killed on March 9th by a drunk driver on State Road 540 and Thornhill. The drunk driver slammed into my sister's car so hard that my sister tragically died of blunt-force trauma to the Head and after her car was thrown 1300 ft across the median it came to a stop where many people stopped and tried their best to save her life but she succumbed to her injuries one hour later at the hospital. She died alone in a hospital or on the side of the road where the car stopped (theres been conflicting stories as the detective said she died on impact but the autopsy report says she died 1 hour later at the hospital) with no family there to hold her hand or say goodbye because we weren't even notified until after she passed away! Her killer is out on house arrest walking freely spending time with her baby while my sister left behind an 8 year old son who is so saddened by the loss of his mother! We had a beautiful Memorial set up for her and I called the DOT And got full permission to do it, they said as long as it was up against the fence and not a distraction and out of the way of the people who mow the lawn then it would be fine so we put it in a spot that was nothing but sand because it was perfectly 10 feet away from where my sister died at on the side of that road on that horrible tragic night so we did exactly as we were told to do and then after this I had waited months for the DOT to place the drive safely sign that says her name and in loving memory of her name and some psycho went and ripped the sign up out of the ground and this person was supposed to be arrested and never was but after this the same person called and said that the roadside Memorial was a distraction just because she was angry and asked to have it taken down and it was then taken down which is not fair because this is the only place we have to visit my sister considering that she was cremated which were her wishes but it is the place where she died at. It was her final resting place and it is the only place that any of her family have anywhere to go to visit with her. My eight year old nephew spent hours helping me make this roadside Memorial and we did everything we were told to do and finally we got our DOT Sign placed and they put it right next to our Memorial without taking it down because they knew it was okay because they gave the approval for it and it was in the approved spot yet now it has been completely removed several months later. So I went back and placed another small memorial in the same spot and again it was taken down. It has not been a year considering the fact that the sign was ripped up months ago and I just want so desperately to have a place to go visit my sister when I come down from Jacksonville. I drive down there every 4 weeks to attend the pre-trial hearings of the woman that murdered my sister and every time I go there I go to my sister's crash site and I just sit there and spend time with her and take my nephew there to help him get closure and now we have nowhere to sit and visit because everything keeps getting taken down and it's not fair because not only did I get permission for this but this woman gets to be at home with her child on house arrest after killing my sister yet my nephew can't even go visit the spot that his mother last laid her head to rest forever? It's not fair and I beg you Governor Rick Scott please step in and help our family please! We need this so much and not only that when I drive down therel every four to six weeks I spend hours cleaning the area up around it picking up trash off the road and digging up weeds and making sure it's nice and clean and we have several friends there who do the same thing to maintain it and keep it looking nice and to keep it from getting trashy or anything like that and it's not a distraction it's all the way up against the fence in a sandy area right behind the florida State College sign so there is no logical reason why it should be taken down. Please please help us with this. And thank you for taking the time to read this.

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