Free Christopher Tims from prison

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Christopher was arrested in 2003 when he was 25 years old. He was appointed a public defender as he couldn’t afford an attorney. The public defender only provided him with information on what the state was offering as a plea deal. He never offered to provide a defense, never explained how to fight the charges, only served as a messenger between the state and Chris. Christopher in turn settled for a plea deal and was sentenced to 5 years in prison with 25 years of probation following. In 2013 he had a technical violation of probation and was sentenced to 8 years with credit for the time he had already served. In 2017 he had another technical violation of probation. He failed his drug test. He was sentenced to 16 years with credit for 8 years. He committed no additional crime. He only failed his drug test. 

I will admit freely that christopher has had a drug problem most of his life. His mother introduced him to drugs at a very young age. I cannot however figure out how serving an additional 8 years in prison for failing a drug test helps in any way. He tried to negotiate with the state to go to a drug rehab in lieu of prison which they declined. He tried to negotiate a house arrest sentence with an ankle monitor and completion of a drug addiction program which was also denied. 

Two weeks after his sentencing in 2017, his brother wrote him a letter confessing that he was the one who committed the original crime that Christopher was convicted of. We hired a lawyer who went and spoke to Christopher’s brother. Verified he wrote the letter, addressed his concerns regarding sentencing and how long the hearings would take. They filed paperwork to withdraw Christopher’s original plea based off of new evidence of his brothers confession. Then his brother got scared and stated he didn’t want to cooperate any more. So now, not only is Christopher serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, he has no recourse to clear his name even with a written confession. The courts will only accept a notarized statement which his brother no longer wants to do. 

Even if his brother had not confessed, a 16 year sentence for failing a drug test is unjust. It is a waste of tax payer dollars. To put someone in prison, which is already over populated, where drugs are easily accessible, where gangs are prevalent and staffing is short handed for failing a drug test is unreasonable. 

I ask for support to help reduce this sentence and also to clear his name. 


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