conceal carry for school faculty and staff

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School shootings have been plaguing our society for almost 20 years or better.  

Its time we protect our children when every other option of peace has failed us. 

You wouldnt let some stranger put a gun to your child in your presence, so why allow their educational caretakers to remain vulnerable and helpless in protecting our youth?

if this past incident in Florida has taught us anything, it should be that no matter what red flags we report to our government, no matter how many anti-bullying campaigns you broadcast, no matter if we equip a campus officer, no matter if we post signs for a “gun free zone”, criminals and psychopaths will still find a way to destroy lives. 

In the past 20 years, the call for “stricter gun control” obviously hasent done a damn thing, and banning firearms is unconstitutional, and leaves law abiding citizens defenseless for the criminals that still obtain firearms. 

Im petitioning the state of Florida to make allowable conceal carry licenses for faculty and staff on campus, in the events of such tragedies, to help put a stop to this type of senseless violence.  Hopefully if we can make something of this, i will gladly petition all states who dont already have this in place to follow suit.

An armed society is a polite society

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