The immediate termination or resignation of Commissioner Proctor.

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Commissioner Proctor has not only insulted the teachers of Leon county, but he has accused our teachers of harboring hatred and an underlying desire for premeditated murder of African American students. He has accused our teachers of being the reason why these students are at a lower graduation rate than the white students in their schools. Commissioner proctor has done this with zero evidence against the teachers in the community of Tallahasse that he so ignorantly and disrespectfully attacks with his racial allegations and accusations. Commissioner Proctor has done this while being a racist himself. While secluding the white students from his insanely outrageous accusations against our teachers desire to kill black students and failing to care about the safety of those white students also in the classes with the teachers he’s attacking. We don’t need a racist drama starting provocative commissioner who attacks our beloved teachers. We need a commissioner who protects our teachers as well as all of our students. Not just the ones he feels like pulling race cards out of his derrière for. I am asking for his immediate resignation or termination. He does not belong in our commissioner seat any longer. 

**** commissioner Proctor is up for re election this year. I implore ALL leon county residents to get out and vote and see to it this disgrace is not put back into office!