Army medics should work as paramedics in civilian life

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Army medics risk their lives every day to save wounded soldiers. If you work in the medical field you know that it's hard enough getting a line, tying a tourniquet, and keeping a patient stable in the relative calm of a hospital. Imagine doing all that and more in the middle of a battlefield. Army medics do that every day.

Unfortunately the NREMT (National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians) does not recognize army medic training when it comes to letting army medics practice as paramedics in civilian life. Army medics are immediately demoted to EMT-Basics if they want to work in the medical field after they are discharged. Basically that means army medics are only allowed to perform limited interventions for 12$ an hour. It is very hard to support a family on that salary. Plus there is currently a paramedic shortage in the US yet the NREMT is leaving talent on the table by not allowing former army medics to practice as paramedics.

As a paramedic who is not a veteran, I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with former army medics who have handled medical emergencies in wartime that would leave me peeing my pants. And yet despite this experience they are forced to work as EMTs. It is below their pay grade, their skill level, and their dignity to force these paramedics to work as EMTs.

I am putting together a petition and sending it to Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Representative Brian Mast, whose life was saved by army medics. The NREMT must recognize army medics as paramedics. The state of Florida must recognize veteran medics as paramedics and license them as such. It is the least we can do. 

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