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Amnesty for citizens charged with cannabis related offenses.

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In todays reality, we humans are making steps every day in the right direction towards peace and prosperity. One of the collective steps we humans are making as a culture is the research being done on cannabis. The ensuing legal reclassification of the plant has began to pave the way for future generations to be able to use this as a valid treatment option for countless issues. That doesn't fix the problems caused by the previous paradigm though where we the people have been criminalized and persecuted for our work with cannabis. The people working to make progress for both themselves and the rest of humanity should not be ridiculed. That kind of behavior is anti-progress and counterproductive to our collective cultural evolution. With more than half of our country (USA) starting to realize the science behind the cannabis plant, it is time to remember the citizens who supported something that they knew had the potential to help humanity. The current laws in America continue to criminalize all of us. Its time for that to change. I say lets give all the cannabis related offenders a pass and grant them pardons and/or amnesty. Sharing what you know to be good in spite of the fears, ignorance,  or misconceptions of others should not be deemed a crime. Criminalizing people in America for trying to help and support one another is the real crime. If we can find a way to let go of and forgive the "crimes" allegedly committed by cannabis supporters, I believe we can shift our collective focus on more dire issues. Imagine how much law enforcement will be freed up to combat other problems like violent crime. Imagine how much money the government will save by releasing non-violent cannabis offenders from incarceration (somewhere in the range of $35,000 per inmate per year - 10,000 released inmates would save close to $350,000,000). Imagine all of the drug war refugees that would be able to return to their home towns and see their families. How many families may have been displaced and broken apart by the drug war? Every war has refugees. I'm tired of being one. Its time for amnesty... I had to move from FL in 2014 due to political differences. I have medical conditions that make my regular waking state rather uncomfortable. These stem from a variety of issues including chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, stress, etc. I have a medical recommendation from my doctor now here in WA that prescribes cannabis to be used by me as an alternative treatment. That kind of medical recommendation is now also available in FL. But it wasn't in 2014 when law enforcement officials carried out a search warrant on a home I once lived in and allegedly found some cannabis. So now FL has issued a warrant. Upon moving to WA, I was unsure of what would happen when I interacted with law enforcement. Getting pulled over approx 5 times now by WA law enforcement officials and being told each time that my warrant is non-extraditable tells me that this is the time to use my voice to try and make a change in the name of progress. The police officers don't want to waste their time, and I don't think we want them wasting it either. They have told me over and over that they can't do anything about my FL warrant and then let me go. How about we the people grant amnesty to all the cannabis related offenders out there? If you are unsure of how this could impact your family and community, how about ask some of your peers what they think? less people in prison = more tax payers, more economy... a richer and more unified country. Let families reconnect. Let fathers and mothers see their children. Let them be together.

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