Allow people to build their homes with recycled materials!!

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   Everyday, we are forced to live in housing that residents are forced to run from in the event of storms and be tied to utilities that are using finite resources. These are increasingly expensive to maintain and fuel. We the residents of Florida and the United States of America would like to have the ability to be independently sustainable.

   This country was originally founded by the ideals of self reliance and in this world where we the residents of this country are forced to be tied to various monopolies, it would be advantageous to have the option to be free of the corporations and our government for the basic needs required to sustain life. We should be able to utilize every resource possible. Our environment wins as well as us.

   Please rewrite laws to allow for sustainable housing using renewable and recyclable materials, of which could be used to manufacture homes to withstand deadly storms such as CAT 5 Hurricanes, EF5 Tornadoes, and based on location and elevation, will be highly recoverable after the onslaught of flooding waters. Depending on the materials used, these dwellings will be able to allow our landfills to have the extra space needed for the non recyclable materials. 

   These building methods will be able to save our insurance companies and disaster assistance agencies money in a sharp reduction in claims, and increase the level of safety for our population. 

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