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Prosecute those responsible for tampering with SB5 public records

In the minutes following the end of the special session, Senate Republicans claimed victory after a dishonorable public attempt to force an out of order vote on SB5. Official public record immediately exposed the illegitimacy of the vote with a proper 6/26/2013 time stamp as reflected in several images from approximately 12:53AM on 6/26/2013 .

By 1:03AM on 6/26/2013, tampering was evident as time stamps on the public record were altered to display the fraudulent date of 6/25/2013 in an attempt to reflect a vote had been taken before the end of the session.

Rick Perry - as Governor of our great state, it is your duty to investigate and prosecute those responsible for tampering with the sanctity of our public records to the fullest extent of the law.

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  • Rick Perry - Governor of Texas

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