Tottenham, Ontario & supporters demand public meeting about their DIRTY DRINKING WATER

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The residents of Tottenham, Ontario, Canada are forced to use and pay for Municipal drinking water that for the past 18+ years is very often brown, highly chlorinated and has elevated levels of trihalomethanes.

FACT #1:  Trihalomethanes are a by product of adding chlorine to water that contains organic matter, and Tottenham has had to use up to 10x the amount of chlorine as other towns in Ontario.

FACT #2:  The Council of The Town of New Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada refuses to respond to repeated requests for a public information meeting in Tottenham to address drinking water issues with the residents.

FACT #3:  Prolonged exposure to high levels of Trihalomethanes and chlorine are thought to be responsible for:

breast cancer
colorectal cancer
bladder cancer
liver and kidney disease and cancer
low birth weight
immune system dysfunction
disorders of the nervous system
hardening of the arteries
birth defects

FACT #4:  Trihalomethanes are an environmental pollutant and carcinogen. The National allowable maximum is 100 ug/L (the World Health Organization and U.S.  maximum is 80ug/L) and Tottenham's highest recorded level was 156 ug\L. The National standard for iron is 300 u/L and Tottenham’s levels are above 700 u/L.

FACT #5:  High levels of iron are responsible for destroying appliances and clothing.

CALL TO ACTION:  Residents, businesses and patrons of public areas, such as daycares, schools and the community centre have never been notified personally about these elevated trihalomethane levels despite the necessity to do so under the Safe Water Act of 2002.
This petition requests that The Town of New Tecumseth host a public meeting in Tottenham to discuss the drinking water issues.  This meeting is to include a question/answer period and will be recorded and made available to those unable to attend.  In addition, every resident, business owner and patron of public places is to be notified in writing about the past and any future elevated trihalomethane levels, thereby ensuring that every resident and business owner is aware of the drinking water issues and can then make informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their families and patrons.  Residents and non-residents alike are encouraged to sign this petition.

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