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A Safe Place for the Mentally Ill in South Carolina

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There are humane societies for unwanted pets -- why is there no safe place for the mentally ill?

In South Carolina those who are hospitalized or diagnosed with mental illnesses receive no real long term care.  Within 45 days, they are turned out on the streets, many with no place to go.  Many are refused homes by their families -- none are cared for by the state for more than 45 days.

This situation endangers our citizens.  Recent examples include the Spartanburg serial killer, the Anderson shooter, and the Charleston shooter.  

While hospitalized, patients are generally stabilized by medication and therapy.  Seemingly stable, they are released to their own care.  But very few have the cognitive skill to maintain a treatment on their own.  Much like children, they require guidance.  And after they stop medicating, the problems return and the cycle begins again.

Many of them live in a revolving door of ER's, clinics, and the few mental health facilities available.  Too often they are relegated to our jails and prisons, clogging the justice system with crimes they, unmedicated, cannot even understand having committed. 

This is a travesty.  While we and our children are continually exposed to potential harm at school, church, and other public places, the mentally ill themselves are at risk of harm.  They need follow-up procedures to ensure that those released as "well" can stay on their medication and stay well.  They need the care and protection of long-term care communities with trained mental health professionals to monitor their wellness.  

Yet the state mental hospital in Columbia was torn down to make way for a ball field.  Available beds are shrinking in even short-term facilities.  Where is the funding?

Please sign in support of compassion for the mentally ill, and safety for yourself and your children.  Thank you for your support!

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