Set up incentive program for the Canadian public transit system.

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Congestion in traffic has always been a problem on public roads. Being stuck in traffic is not fun for anyone involved. A study done in 2008 shows that an average person in the toronto loses an average of 18 minutes. Furthermore a total of a $6 billion dollars are lost by Canadians from traffic related costs and opportunity costs. By 2031, this problem is projected to cost Canada $15 billion. Clearly this is a problem that needs to be solved.

The solution is quite a simple one. To create an incentive for taking public transportation at non-rush hour times. There has been many countries or cities to try this method and found positive results. In singapore, an incentive program has successfully moved %10 of it’s commuters to off peak times for a small price of around $20000 a month. In San-fransico a 6 month test proved to be successful at moving commuter off peak times for around $35000 a month. Clearly this is a viable solution to our problem. We should start testing in toronto immediately.