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Help Your Santa Monica Neighbors Regain Peace & Quiet

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The purpose of this petition is to revoke Tiato restaurant’s permit (Conditional Use Permit 12-005) until they can contain 100% of their noise from the neighborhood.

Tiato restaurant on 2700 Colorado was given a permit to run special events.  The permit came with restrictions including the following which are repeatedly violated (among others):

  • “The operation shall at all times be conducted in a manner not detrimental to surrounding properties or residents by reason of lights, noise, activities, parking or other actions.” – Tiato violates this weekly and forces neighbors to listen to their parties, speeches, cleanup, loud music, and drunken guests.  This is extremely detrimental to residents and lowers property values as well.
  • “Live and amplified music is permitted inside the building. Doors leading to the patio must be closed if amplified music is playing inside the building after 9pm” – We frequently hear music past 9pm. It’s loud and invasive even with our windows closed.
  • “The project shall at all times comply with the provisions of the Noise Ordinance (SMMC Chapter4.12).” – They are NOT in compliance with the noise ordinance.

Many attempts to contact Tiato to peacefully cooperate with the neighborhood have failed.  They are not interested in taking measures to contain their noise. Some of their responses are:

We are aware of the sound and we are within our rights to run our events.
I have dealt with bigger problems than you.
Over 300 calls to the police and code compliance for over three years have failed.  The police and code compliance just tell them to lower the noise.  Despite repeated violations, we are aware of no citations that have been issued and we are tired of calling law enforcement.

On a weekly, sometimes daily basis we deal with:

  • our homes vibrating from their loud speakers
  • being forced to hear every single speech over loud speakers
  • extremely loud, drunk guests
  • loud valet
  • heavy trucks, party buses and delivery trucks that shake our building
  • loud staff cleanup
  • loud after parties. When a teenager approached guests at 1am that were being loud after their event was over and politely asked them to keep it down as his mother is sleeping, he was rudely responded with, “F—K you! We’re just having some fun. Don’t be such an a—hole.”

Tiato knowingly established an event venue in a residential neighborhood without developing noise blockers. It's on them to maintain peace and quiet in a neighborhood especially when that neighborhood has always had peace and quiet on nights and weekends.  We’ve been patient and accommodating and the noise has gotten worse, not better.

As a resident, our home is our sanctuary and our sanctuary was fine until Tiato established private events. We have the right to enjoy our home. That right has been taken away from us.

Please sign this petition to revoke Tiato's conditional use permit (Conditional Use Permit 12-005) and restore peace to the neighborhood.


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