Gilling West to Richmond Safe Cycle and Foot Path Petition

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The community of Gilling West and surrounding villages has for decades asked for a safe route into Richmond, for use by cyclists and pedestrians.

North Yorkshire County Council has said it will be able to carry out its biggest ever programme of road improvements after being given an extra £3.9m of government funds.

The authority has now been allocated a total of £52.6m to spend on roads, pathways, cycle routes and infrastructure projects.

The government have announced a £250m emergency active travel fund aimed at delivering improvements for cycling and walking.

The community of Gilling West and surrounding villages would benefit immensely from such an improvement. It would allow safe and sustainable access to town for people of all ages. It would provide a link to schools and businesses in Richmond. 

It would have a positive  effect on the economy and employment prospects in the area, as not everybody has access to a car.

The health benefits of walking and cycling are unchallenged, and are to be encouraged if we are to look after the health and wellbeing of our villagers.

Currently the road is dangerous to walk or cycle along. There are too many pinch points where there is not enough room or visibility for cars to safely negotiate around cyclists or walkers. There are points where there is no safe refuge for walkers and it is highly dangerous for anyone in a wheelchair or with a push chair. The number of vehicles that have gone through the dry stone walls on this stretch is a vivid reminder of the danger.

In signing this petition we are showing support for provision of a path for all people who do not wish to make this short journey by car, or by public transport. Such a project would be inclusive and beneficial to a wide range of users.