Support RPS Rezoning for integrated and equitable schools

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Shannon Lindbloom
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Schools in Richmond Public Schools are overcrowded, and the average RPS school does not reflect the diversity of our city. As we rezone to "right size" schools, we can create new school communities which prioritize integration. Integrated schools close learning gaps for disadvantaged students while test scores for students with means remain constant. In fact, integrated schools help all students develop empathy and an ability to work in diverse environments. These advantages cannot be measured with a test score, but they are invaluable. 

Rezoning takes place periodically in all school systems of a certain size. We know that some neighborhoods will inevitably be divided. Some families may have a slightly longer commute to school, or may divide their children between two schools. However, we know that our children are resilient and will adapt. We support the efforts of the Richmond Public Schools School Board to redraw lines and/or pair schools to reduce overcrowding and dismantle segregation.