Get Jason Kornegay OUT OF OFFICE at Richmond Hill High School!!!!

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Mr. Jason Kornegay is an administrator at Richmond Hill High School, in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He is very demeaning and disrespectful to the students here, attending school for a better education. I understand that you have to be strict and professional in a school setting, but treating children as though they are beneath you simply isn't right. 

Students of Richmond Hill High School have joined together and decided that they want him out of office.¨ The things he said to me, really made me consider dropping out, and leaving High School for good.¨  - Student attending RHHS 

¨ He was very disrespectful, and insulted me in front of my peers. I burst out crying, I was so embarrassed." - Student attending RHHS

Jason goes out of his way to make students feel beneath him.