Save the Richmond Football Club (traditional) theme song

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The AFL and the Richmond Football Club are trying to replace our traditional song.  They claim the sound quality isn’t good enough and they need to correct the mistaken lyric in the current version. Why now? We’ve been using the same song with the same incorrect lyric since 1972!

Richmond talks about the passion of its fans, yet they seek to change something so important to the identity of the club without even asking those same fans. Why?

It’s not just a song.  It’s our battle cry and our victory celebration. Our 2017 success wouldn’t have felt right without singing along with the Fable Singers version of ‘our’ song.

If you love the Richmond Footy Club and you love our traditional song please sign this petition and demand that the Richmond Football Club and the AFL leave our song the way it has been for nearly 50 years.  It’s ours, we love it and we don’t want to lose it.



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