No More Cell Towers on our School Properties

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Sally Friedman
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Richland School District two has entered into a contract with Milestone Communications with intentions of constructing a cell tower on the grounds of Kelly Mill Middle School.  This is not a single tower deal, several other towers have already been constructed and there are plans for others to go up also.  After much research, it is evident there is only one benefit from these towers: revenue.  The towers will generate revenue for the district that will go to a "general fund."  In November, voters passed the bond referendums for $486 million dollars.  However, the district is still choosing to partner with a telecommunications company to construct cell towers on our student's school campuses, potentially at their expense.

These cell towers will emit radio-frequency radiation that will expose teachers, families, and our children to health risks every day.  The district has relied on safety information provided by a scientist (oceanographer by degree), contracted by Milestone to determine that this was, in fact, safe for children.  However, many countries do not allow cell towers near schools and many sources would argue that the safety guidelines are unreliable and outdated.  

So what are the risks?  Is this harmful?  Richland School District 2 has lacked transparency surrounding the entire project.  Our children are in these buildings all day, there is no amount of money worth risking the safety of our children.