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Equal Punishment

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 Yesterday (3/21/2017) at lunch at Dreher High School,  A White Male walked behind a student and punched him. This resulted in the student having a concussion, so the male got suspended for 3 days. But, about two weeks ago Antonio Duckson (A Black male) was walking out of school after hours and cussed, this resulted in a day of In School Suspension and a 5 day suspension. Now keep in mind the Male gave someone a concussion, but just got a 3 day suspension. Antonio cussed and got a 5 day suspension with a day of In School Suspension. I think that if the Male were black that he would have had a more severe punishment, but he only got a 3 day suspension. Most of all just think that all students should be treated equally. I am not looking for the Male to have a further punishment, I solely just wanted to bring awareness of the situation.

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