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Advance the curriculum of special education students beyond middle school

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In special education classes across Richland 2, students have been ignored. By insisting that students with no shown issues with reading and math are tested at a middle school level, we are treated like we have no future. Special education classes are treated like daycares for teenagers. In Richland Northeast, two of the classrooms literally used to be daycares before being repurposed to be special ed. classrooms. The other classroom used to be some kind of a closet, with a literal wall between the students and the teacher.

Testing on high school students is limited to middle school level tests such as the MAP test. I myself had set a record on testing. By testing me constantly on things that it is clear I have no problem with, I am wasting time that I could be using to improve my grade.

It is insulting to high school students to assume that they will never advance beyond middle school level reading and math skills. Many of us will advance to college, and being an important part of society and the workforce.

We have futures, treat us like we are teenagers and not children!

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