Allow students of RWJH to dye their hair unnatural colors

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Richardson West Junior High emphasizes the importance of being unique and expressing yourself greatly. Not allowing students to dye their hair unnatural colors contradicts what it stands for. When a student dyes their hair, not only does it allow them to express themselves, but it can boost their confidence at an age where they are very vulnerable to low self-esteem and depression. RWJH takes pride in its creative and successful students and does not benefit from not allowing them to fully express themselves. 

There are many reasons to not allow unnatural hair colors, but none of them are valid reasons. The most popular reason against strange hair is that it could distract students. Unnatural hair doesn't cause any more distraction than a brightly colored shirt. It may cause some to be distracted for a day or two after the student dyes their hair, but the same amount of distraction would be expected from a student with long hair cutting it short. 

Students have already been flirting with this rule by dying their hair bright red and orange, or adding streaks of color into their hair and have been allowed to keep their hair that way. Why not allow students to completely dye their hair?

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