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ROIL -Cranbourne West- Leave the land industrial

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C219 Amendment - requested by Casey Council

This began when a group that called themself SCWRAG formed, telling residents there will be billowing smoke stacks pumping smoke over houses (on their signage posted on the land allotment and letters sent out).  They asked for signatures to recieve further information and using those names that signed as "pro-residential".  Leading members  of this group live along the front road and driving this change for nothing else other than the "factories" obstructing their view.   Their misleading representation of local residents and continual push at council have led to the creation of the c219 amendment, which is wrong and this petition will seek TRUE numbers of people wanting it to remain Industrial.  

Upon learning this false and misleading information,  residents rallied and ROIL (return our industrial land) was formed.  The members of the ROIL group bought in the area doing our research and wanting local industrial jobs.  Secondary to that,  the roads are choking today, Lochaven and Bromton aren't even building houses or have residents yet, when they are populated thousands more residential properties will only make them more congested.  Yes industrial will also have traffic but not all in peak times like residential, it will be distributed over the course of the day,  where the issue today is specifically in weekday peaks or weekends in general.  Until the westernport hwy roundabouts are addressed we do not want any more residential.  

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